Industrial And Infrastructure Protective Coating

Our products under the Modpoxy and DL-EP range are epoxy based coatings. We have a complete range of epoxy coatings likes epoxy mastic, Nano modified epoxy mastic, high build epoxy coats, surface tolerant epoxy, coal tar modified epoxy coating, epoxy top coats and also single component epoxy. We have special epoxy primer for SS, Aluminium and galvanized substrates.

Our product range under Modithane and DL-PU are PU based coatings. We offer acrylic -isocyanate based PU coatings. We recommend aromatic type PU for internal areas or for more chemical resistance. For external areas where UV protection in also a concern, we recommend aliphalic type pu coating.

Our DL900 range of enamels has primers starting from basic redoxide to high end zinc phosphate primers. DL-900 range of enamel top coats are air drying enamels with light fast pigments and glossy finish. – We have SAS range of quick drying enamel paints.

We offer a complete range of stoving paints for the barrel / furniture industry.

We have silicone based heat resistant coating that can resist tempratures upto 600 c.

We have fire retardant coatings which are applicable are surface like wood, concrete particle-board and metallic surfaces. The coating does not allow the naked fire to propagate over it. This coating finds great use in architectural domain and in refineries for protecting steel structures in case of fire.

These primers are deployed for long term protection of MS in new installation. we have three variants in this products category.

We have developed a hydrophobric coating with angle of roll-off which is less than 10 degree and angle of contact of more than 110 degree.





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