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Product Overview

We are certified our monthly manufacturing capacity of 1,00,000 Lt per month.

Single component Systems Epoxy and PU based paints Other Coatings
Modified Alkyd based enamels Modpoxy range of NANO enhanced epoxy based primers – self priming, mastic, surface tolerant, high build, zinc rich, etc and even top coats. Heat resistant coatings
SAS primers and coatings (Chlorinated polymer) DL-EP – Range of Epoxy based primers and top coats Fire / flame retardant coatings
Full range of Stoving type coatings DL-PU – Polyurethane based primers and top coats NANO coatings for radiators and heat exchangers
Emulsion based coatings, including anti-carbonation type -DL – 505 acrylic top coats (water borne) Modithane – PU based top coats Super abrasion resistant coating, Super hydrophobic coating, anti-slip coating, anti-stick coating, etc.

We can also accept turnkey orders for supplying and applying paints through our associates who are authorized by us after formal capacity building in paint application. We look forward to associating with your esteemed organization as PREFERRED vendors for paints and coatings. Our technological capability, quality led ethos and moderate size, make us an ideal case for customized vendor development by large companies consuming substantial paints to avail of best solutions for corrosion with personalized quick services at a lower price point.

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